Should You Install a Smart Home System?

Smart home systems are growing in popularity by the day. Every time you read or watch the news, tech giants like Amazon, Google or Apple find a new way to integrate electronics into your home. Virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri are becoming smarter and better at answering our questions, making them perfect companions for daily tasks around the house.

The question is: should you install a smart home system?

There are a lot of benefits to installing a smart home system, but there are issues to consider as well. Check out our list of pros and cons to see if a smart home system is right for you.

The Pros:

Installing a smart home system can be intimidating, but there are some great benefits to utilizing this tech in your place of residence.

Peace of Mind and Security

Whenever you are away from your home, it is easy to worry, taking away your focus from your work and leisure activities. Having a smart home system allows you to always “keep tabs” on your place. Different features like remote thermostat access, wireless security monitoring and smart lighting systems will enable you to see and control what is going on while you are away.

Depending on the level of connectivity you want, some systems allow for more advanced functions like answering a doorbell with your phone. Smart tech has made it easier than ever to feel like you can keep an eye on things, even while you are away.

Convenience and Accessibility

Ever dreamed about your electronics working with just the sound of your voice? Now they can. Many devices utilize smart hubs or your phone, making tasks around the house more convenient than ever.

These features also allow devices to be more accessible. Older adults who aren’t as mobile may find these functions to be beneficial for their quality of life. Voice assistant tech and home automation take care of tasks that older adults might have difficulty doing on their own.

Energy Savings

A smart home hub can help you control how your power is allocated and see where your energy goes throughout the day. Most smart home systems have an eco-friendly or power-saving mode. These modes will adjust your lights, smart outlets and thermostat to use as little energy as possible whenever you are away.

Keeping your energy usage down is a win for the environment and your wallet.

The Cons

While this new and exciting tech can make things more accessible and convenient, there are some downsides to connecting major components of your domicile to the internet. Here are some of the reasons you may want to hold off on installing a new smart home system.

Installation and Cost

Like any other major system installation, converting your house into a smart home will require time and money to accomplish. While many smart home hubs become cheaper, purchasing compatible smart devices raises the initial cost of investment. You also need to consider the cost of installation and repair if you plan on letting an expert install your tech.

Compatibility Across Devices

While we remain in a competitive smart home market, there isn’t a uniform connectivity standard, which means devices from different brands aren’t guaranteed to work together. Lack of compatibility can make the purchasing process complicated and confusing. Make sure to do some research before you pick up the system you want.

Security and Reliability Issues

While most smart home systems advertise how they can make your home safer, they can also have the opposite effect and compromise your safety and privacy. Hackers have found ways to use the back end of virtual home assistants’ commands to listen in on user conversations. It’s essential to know the risk of using a smart home device and how to disconnect it when you need to.

The last issue to consider is reliability. Smart home devices and hubs have to stay plugged in and connected to the internet to work. If your power or internet goes out, this may cause problems for the functionality of your home, especially if your locks or garage door opener rely on electricity.

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