Kitchen Appliance Installation: 5 Solid Reasons to Go with a Pro

Kitchen appliance installation

With the coronavirus pandemic lingering, Americans are eating at home quite a bit more these days. And some are coming to grips with the fact that their aging kitchen appliances are nearing the end of their lifespan.

Like it or not, they will eventually outlive their usefulness, start racking up repair bills or just plain die. Every appliance is different, but each type has a life expectancy. Here’s a look at the average lifespan of major appliances compiled by HouseLogic, a National Association of Realtors site geared toward homeowners.

Whether it’s time to replace that noisy dishwasher, leaky fridge or the whole motley set, your mental calculator is probably starting to do the math—and wishing the sum was three digits instead of four. 

As we’re fond of saying at Complete Electrical Solutions, there’s no job too small. We’ll make sure your new kitchen appliances are properly installed once you’ve settled on your picks. Here are five reasons we recommend going with our kitchen appliance installation specialists instead of doing it yourself.

1. No matter how confident you are, you’re always rolling the dice with the DIY approach.

It’s true—installing some kitchen appliances is a fairly straightforward process. Until it’s not. 

Kitchens are full of plumbing and electrical work. Pipes and hoses and circuits and outlets. Appliance installation mishaps in an environment where water and electricity are in close quarters can be unforgiving. Why risk it when our professionals have handled literally hundreds of installations?

Incorrectly installed dishwashers are particularly concerning and can lead to leaks, faulty drainage and even water damage in areas you may not be able to see. Take it from this plumber, dishwasher installs aren’t as simple as you might think.

2. Properly installed kitchen appliances will meet manufacturer specs and run at maximum efficiency.

Kitchen appliances are some of the most energy-hungry appliances in your home, so you definitely want them running as efficiently as possible. 

It’s important to note that advertised efficiency ratings for appliances are based on proper installation and recommended usage. Think of it like a car’s average gas mileage—that number’s based on a certain type of fuel and driving at an optimal speed.

Experienced installers will hook up your appliances with ideal performance in mind.

3. If you’re making the move from an electric range to gas or vice versa, leave it to the licensed professionals. 

Regardless of whether you’ll be capping off a gas line or tapping into one, this project requires a level of experience most DIYers just don’t have. If you’ve decided to switch over, be safe and contact Complete Electrical Solutions to set up an appointment

Sometimes this project is relatively simple and affordable, but it can be more difficult if the gas line is already at capacity or there’s no gas line at all. Either way, licensed electricians and plumbers can help you find the right solution for your setup.

4. The local guys may be able to beat the big-box retailers when it comes to installation prices. 

Many people buy new kitchen appliances from big-box retailers and home improvement stores when their old ones conk out. Delivery and installation fees are rolled into the total cost, so be sure to ask for a specific breakdown. That way, you can contact your local electrician for a simple price comparison.

If you’re wondering what average installation costs are in your area, Thumbtack has a great estimation tool. As of 2019, the national average cost to install a new appliance was $162, but that varies greatly depending on where you live and what type of appliance you need installed. 

Complete Electrical Solutions prides itself on competitive kitchen appliance installation pricing. Give us a call at 417-831-8039 to see if we can save you money.

5. Appliance installation professionals often have useful tips you won’t find in your instruction manual. 

Veteran installers have plenty of experience when it comes to kitchen appliance installation. Their on-the-job knowledge spans all manner of brands, makes and models. And they’ve conquered countless challenges in kitchens and homes.

Low water pressure? Spots on glasses coming out of the washer? Fridge not keeping that fresh fruit cold enough? Ask a pro, and they probably have a solid recommendation. Be sure to solicit these valuable tips and keep them in mind as you settle into your new appliance nirvana.