Time for an Upgrade? When, Why and How to Rewire Your Kitchen

If your house is more than 40 years old, there’s a good chance your electrical wiring isn’t up to code—and you’re probably feeling the effects of that obsolescence most profoundly in your kitchen. If lights are flickering when you use appliances, the number of outlets isn’t adequate or your breaker is tripping a tad too frequently, it’s likely time to rewire your kitchen. Continue reading

Can COPALUM Crimping Fix Aluminum Wiring In Homes?

Around 2 million Americans with homes built in 1965 – 1973 have aluminum wiring. Once seen as a cheap alternative to copper wiring, aluminum wiring is now a recognized safety hazard to your home. If you are unsure if your home has aluminum wiring or not, do not attempt to check yourself. There are many risks involved, including fatal shock. Only an experienced electrician should check your wiring. If you discover that you have aluminum wiring in your home, don’t panic. It is a very fixable problem with several solutions.

The COPALUM crimp method is a budget-friendly solution that takes away the risk of aluminum wiring without having to go through the extensive and expensive process of a complete rewiring.

To learn more about the COPALUM crimp method and to see if it might be the solution for your aluminum wiring situation, keep reading. Continue reading