5 Tips for Saving Electricity While Working from Home

A father looks after his children playing in the living room as he works from home.

Advancement in technology encourages American workers to become more flexible in where and how they work. While a large percentage of jobs, like your trusted electrical technicians, still require hands-on, in-person work, internet connectivity allows information to be transferred in an instant, giving anyone with a computer the capability to work away from the office.

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How Do I Prepare For a Blackout?

Experiencing a power loss is no fun for anyone. After all, our world seemingly runs completely by electricity, so a power blackout can cause major inconvenience to your daily life and even present a danger to you or your home. When a blackout or power outage happens in your area, the last thing you want is to find yourself unprepared.  We’ve rounded up four simple tips to help you prepare for a blackout and to keep you, your family, and your home safe in a worst-case scenario. Continue reading

Aluminum Wiring in Homes: What Are Your Options?

An estimated two million homes and mobile homes have been constructed using aluminum wiring since 1965. This means that there are two million homes that need to have a watchful eye for potential disaster due to the dangers associated with aluminum wiring. This kind of wire, though cheaper than the copper alternative, is connected with a number of house fires due to its ability to overheat easily.

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What Is Knob and Tube Wiring – And What Should You Do About It?

Knob and Tube Wiring

There’s a lot to love about living in an old house. Many homeowners will tell you there’s a certain charm and sense of history that you just can’t get from newer houses.  Besides their sentimental and nostalgic appeal, old houses can bring another advantage – they were built to last. The fact that an old house is still standing strong and ready to be lived in is a testament to the quality of construction and craftsmanship that went into building it. Continue reading

Heater On and Off: Efficient Ways to Heat Your Home

The days are cold and the nights are even colder. For a homeowner on a budget, trying to keep warm during these blistery months can be a struggle, but we’re here to help you find efficient ways to heat your home. Today we’re going to tackle a question that we hear frequently during the winter: is it bad to turn the heater on and off? Many people wonder if it’s best to leave your heating on all the time (at a low temperature) rather than continually switching it on and off as you need it. You may be concerned that each time you turn your radiator on again, you’re using a great amount of power that’s costing you extra money. Is that true? Should you stick to a low temperature all winter long?

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Prepare for Power Outages with a Home Generator

As we gear up for another storm season, you are probably thinking about how you can save your family the inconvenience of losing power. It is not uncommon for severe weather to knock out the power in some areas for several hours, or even several days or weeks, depending on where you live. If you are tired of relying on the main power grid to keep your house warm or cool and your food fresh, you may have thought about buying a generator. Before you buy a generator, consider what it will take to get it installed. Can you do it yourself or do you need an electrician?
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3 Reasons to Install Parking Garage & Security Lights

If you own a business, one of the first things your customers will see is your parking lot or parking garage. Have you taken a moment recently to check out what a customer sees when they first approach your business? Do not just examine the lot at noon, when it is bright and sunny. You need to visit your parking lot when it is dark, especially if your business is still open after the sun goes down. If you have discovered that your parking lot lighting or parking garage lighting is not adequate, give an electrical contractor a call to see what your options are. There are three main reasons you want to have a well-lit parking lot.

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H​ire Commercial Electrical Contractors to Repair Your Neon Business Sign

One of the most valuable pieces of advertisement for a business is their business sign. Whether it’s a marquee of neon lights or a more modern and subtle approach to displaying your business name, there is no denying that an outdoor business sign can make a big impact. If you’ve yet to invest in a lighted sign, it’s a good idea to consider the possibilities with experienced commercial electrical contractors in your area.

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