8 Air Conditioning Tips for the Summer Time

An overheated red-haired woman dabs her forehead while adjusting the thermostat

As the temperature rises, unfortunately, so does the energy bill. Air conditioning in sweltering, humid climates requires a lot of electricity to keep the temperature inside your home comfortable. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, air conditioning uses 6% of all electricity produced in the United States, making the annual cost of AC around $29 billion.

Air conditioning is a great way to stay comfortable and avoid heat-related injuries or illnesses, but it’s critical to use AC efficiently to save money and energy. Keep reading below for some of our tips on how to save on your air conditioning.

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How Often Should You Have Your Hot Tub Inspected and Why?

A close up of a hot tub seat shows the water bubbling.Hot tubs can be a great avenue of relaxation. Sometimes, nothing sounds better after a hard day of work than taking a relaxing soak. However, a seemingly relaxing activity can quickly turn if the hot tub’s water is discolored or the jets aren’t pumping properly.

Getting regular hot tub inspections can help to extend the life of your spa and prevent any costly “uh-ohs” when you pull the cover back and see permanent damage.

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