Time for an Upgrade? When, Why and How to Rewire Your Kitchen

If your house is more than 40 years old, there’s a good chance your electrical wiring isn’t up to code—and you’re probably feeling the effects of that obsolescence most profoundly in your kitchen. If lights are flickering when you use appliances, the number of outlets isn’t adequate or your breaker is tripping a tad too frequently, it’s likely time to rewire your kitchen. Continue reading

Kitchen Appliance Installation: 5 Solid Reasons to Go with a Pro

Kitchen appliance installation

With the coronavirus pandemic lingering, Americans are eating at home quite a bit more these days. And some are coming to grips with the fact that their aging kitchen appliances are nearing the end of their lifespan.

Like it or not, they will eventually outlive their usefulness, start racking up repair bills or just plain die. Every appliance is different, but each type has a life expectancy. Here’s a look at the average lifespan of major appliances compiled by HouseLogic, a National Association of Realtors site geared toward homeowners.

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DIY Jobs That Require an Electrician

Licensed Electrician Tools

There are several of us do-it-yourselfers these days.  With videos that will walk you through steps and the numerous how-to blogs on the Internet, it may be easy to believe that you can repair anything at home. But if you try to do DIY electrical projects yourself, one wrong move could seriously harm you or your family. Continue reading

Tips For Hiring the Best Commercial Electrician in Springfield MO

Commerical Electrian Wire

When dealing with public spaces, builders know that it’s important to find an electrician. The experience of a trained commercial electrician ensures the success of your business. Knowing how to find a commercial electrician will save you time, mishaps, and money. Continue reading

Tips for Hiring a Contractor

Electrical Panel

Whether you are looking to have your home windows replaced, new siding installed on your garage or a pool built for the months ahead, it’s always important to find a home contractor that you can trust. Better Business Bureau recommends following some of their tips for hiring a contractor to work on your home!  Continue reading