Can COPALUM Crimping Fix Aluminum Wiring In Homes?

Around 2 million Americans with homes built in 1965 – 1973 have aluminum wiring. Once seen as a cheap alternative to copper wiring, aluminum wiring is now a recognized safety hazard to your home. If you are unsure if your home has aluminum wiring or not, do not attempt to check yourself. There are many risks involved, including fatal shock. Only an experienced electrician should check your wiring. If you discover that you have aluminum wiring in your home, don’t panic. It is a very fixable problem with several solutions.

The COPALUM crimp method is a budget-friendly solution that takes away the risk of aluminum wiring without having to go through the extensive and expensive process of a complete rewiring.

To learn more about the COPALUM crimp method and to see if it might be the solution for your aluminum wiring situation, keep reading.

Terms you’ll need to know

Before you gets started with copalum crimping, here are the terms you need to know in order to understand the COPALUM crimp method best:

  • COPALUM crimp method: The process of installing the COPALUM connector. It is also called COPALUM crimping, or the COPALUM Repair Method.
  • COPALUM connector: The connector that is used to attach the copper wire to the aluminum wire. Sometimes the COPALUM connector is called a “crimp,” which is referring to the process of crimping the connector. COPALUM connectors are a proprietary product created and manufactured by AMP Incorporated.
  • Pigtailing: A nickname for the process of attaching the copper wire to the aluminum wires.

What is the COPALUM crimp method and how will it protect my home?

The COPALUM crimp method is the process of attaching a short section of copper wire to the ends of existing aluminum wiring using a metal COPALUM connector. The COPALUM connector is crimped using a special crimping tool that cold-welds the connector shut. After crimping, a heat-shrinking tube is placed on the connector. Heat is then applied to the tube so that it shrinks around the metal connector. This process should be applied to every single connection in your home, including outlets, dimmers, switches, fixtures, appliances and junction boxes. If COPALUM crimping is not used on every connection in your home, then your home is not protected.

During the crimping process, the copper and aluminum wires are pressed together with so much pressure that they become one single wire. This process is the crucial factor that makes this method effective, and what makes it a permanent repair. By crimping the copper and aluminum wires into one wire, it is considered a copper-only connection, removing the danger that an aluminum connection brings to your home.

Why should I use the COPALUM crimp method?

There are many advantages to using the COPALUM crimp method, such as:

  • The COPALUM crimp method is considered permanent and safe by the CPSC (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission).
  • Connections will not require maintenance again.
  • The COPALUM crimp method is cheaper and quicker than rewiring your whole home.
  • If you are settled into your home, the COPALUM crimp method is a much less invasive procedure than a complete rewiring.

Can I install COPALUM connectors myself?

No, you should absolutely not install the connectors yourself. COPALUM crimping should only be performed by a professional. If you decide that the COPALUM crimping method is right for your home, contact an experienced electrician. Keep in mind that only COPALUM certified electricians can provide these services.

Do you need COPALUM crimping services for your home?

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