Which Type of Space Heater Should You Choose?

When you pump up the furnace, you’re heating the entire house — even unoccupied rooms nobody is using. That can be a source of wasted energy.

One solution to this problem is a space heater. With a space heater, you can heat a single room — or just one part of a single room. So you get the heat you want where you want it, without spending more than you have to on your utility bill.

But which space heater should you choose? The two most common types of space heaters are convection and radiant heaters.

Let’s take a look at key features of both options.

Convection Heaters

If your goal is to warm up a room in your house, such as the den or a bedroom, a convection heater is a good choice.

  • A convection heater produces hot air that circulates throughout a room (Thiele, 2017).
  • It generates long-lasting heat and is generally quieter and heavier than radiant heaters (Overstock, 2018).
  • Some convection heaters are installed along baseboards, while others have fans to help with circulation.

Radiant Heaters

A radiant heater is ideal for delivering focused heat to a particular spot — such as your comfy recliner while you stay home and watch your favorite flick on a cold night.

  • Radiant heaters get hot more quickly than convection heaters.
  • Radiant heaters that use liquid fuel such as propane can be great for warming up a small area during a power outage.
  • Quartz heaters, one type of radiant heater, transfer heat using electromagnetic induction and feature quartz heating elements protected behind a wire mesh.
  • Another type of radiant heater, infrared heaters are housed in a box with heating elements covered in wire mesh.
  • Radiant heaters become very hot and can be a fire hazard.

Whichever space heater you buy, remember to follow a few safety tips.

  • Never leave the heater unattended.
  • Never place it near flammable items.
  • Keep children and pets away from the heater.
  • Place the heater out of the way so that it doesn’t become a tripping hazard.


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