Top 5 Reasons to Convert to LED Lighting for Your Parking Lot

Choosing the right lighting for your parking lot can mean a world of difference. Whether it’s concern about crime, cost of lighting, or your maintenance costs, LED lighting can solve the major concerns of a business owner. By choosing LED lighting, you can make your parking lot management safer, cheaper, and more energy efficient.

Let’s go over some of the reasons why LED parking lot lights can pay off for your business.

#1. No required maintenance

Tired of the hassle and cost that comes from replacing bulbs in your parking lot? If you’re using most other bulbs, chances are, you’re spending a lot of time replacing bulbs every time they blow out. LED lights can last years, even decades. The reason for this comes from the makeup of the LED lights- traditional light bulbs are constructed with a fragile filament that can easily blow out. LEDs are made of a light emitting diode and driver electronics which means that the LED lasts as long as the diode and electronics do.

#2. Less power consumption

If you’re passionate about energy efficiency, it would do you best to switch to LED lights. LEDs consume less energy than traditional light bulbs and also produce less heat due to having a “heat sink,” a device that absorbs the heat produced from the LED and dissipates it into the environment. According to the U.S.Department of Energy, widespread use of LEDs has the greatest potential impact on energy savings in the US. By 2027, this could save 44 power plants worth of electricity, causing a total savings of $30 billion.

#3. Better light quality

LED lights are known for having a good, uniform light pattern and are often considered the best lights for properly displaying color. For your parking lot, this means that you won’t be highly lit in other places while being dim in others. They also typically have a strong intensity, keeping your parking lot out of the dark. Just how seriously are LEDs taken in terms of light quality? Ask the museums who are using LEDs to maintain the color of famous paintings, including some better known works by Van Gogh.

#4 A safer environment for others

Parking lots that are not well lit can be outright dangerous for both customers and employees. Between violent crime that can occur and erratic driving leading to accidents, it’s a necessity that the lot be well lit so that others feel safe. The intense light of LEDs not only makes your parking lot feel brighter and safer, it tends to work better with CCTV. This ensures that, if an incident were to occur, the security video could better capture the incident.

#5 A lifetime of savings

All of the factors listed above add up to one key detail: this all means more on your bottom line. LEDs are great at saving you money through a combination of no maintenance costs and decreased power consumption while throwing in the added benefit of better light quality and having a safer parking lot. Though the initial costs for LEDs may be higher, they ultimately pay off in the long run for your business.

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