Saving Electricity for Your Small Business

Two small business owners look at their bills and learn how to save on electric costs.

Do you know what the most unpredictable expense for small businesses is? Yep, energy costs. In fact, in a study conducted by ENERGYSTAR, they found that small businesses across the United States spend around $60 billion on energy costs combined. We’ve rounded up several easy ways to save on energy costs for your small business, so that you can invest more in your business and less in your utility bill. Keep reading to learn how to cut down the electric bill for your small business. 

Change Your Habits To Increase Energy Efficiency

Here are some simple ways to put a dent in your utility bill by just changing your habits, not spending money. 

  • Communicate with your employees. Before you start implementing greener changes around the office, your employees need to be in the loop. Make sure that you explain to them exactly what changes are going to be made, and why they are essential. After all, if you start making strides to be more energy-efficient, but your employees don’t follow suit, how is anything supposed to get done? 
  • Turn off the lights. Turning off the lights might sound elementary, but are you and your employees turning off the lights once you leave a room? Think about places in your office space that are not occupied continuously, like break rooms, offices, and conference rooms. Simply remembering to turn off the lights when an area is not in use can make a big difference in your energy consumption, and the bottom line on your utility bill. 
  • Utilize natural light. Does your office space have a lot of windows? If so, that’s potential for free lighting. If possible, turn off the lights and roll up the shades! Chances are, you won’t miss your artificial office lighting. 
  • Turn on your fans. If your office has fans, run them. Fans keep the air circulating and make life a lot easier for your HVAC system. When the fans are on, the AC doesn’t have to work as hard. You’ll notice the difference in your bill. 
  • Power down appliances. When you and your employees leave at the end of the day, do you turn off your computer or leave it in sleep mode? Unfortunately, sleep mode still sucks up power, as your device is just sitting around waiting for you jostle it awake. 

Invest in Energy Saving Equipment

Once you’ve exhausted your habit-changing options, it’s time to look into replacing some equipment around your office that might be draining your energy. 

  • Switch out your lightbulbs. Switching your lightbulbs is an easy and inexpensive change you can implement in your business. Switch out your incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient ones like CFL or LED. 
  • Research ENERGYSTAR rated office equipment. Ok, so we don’t expect you to go out and immediately switch out all of your office equipment with ENERGYSTAR rated appliances. That would be crazy expensive and not save you much money in the long run. Instead, whenever a piece of equipment breaks down or dies, replace it with an ENERGYSTAR rated options. 
  • Invest in a programmable thermostat. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, a programmable thermostat is your best friend. A small investment in a smart thermostat system will save you hundreds on your future utility bills. 

Before you start making changes, have your utility company or local electric professionals conduct an energy audit on your business. If you would like an energy audit or have any questions about making your small business more energy-efficient, contact Complete Electrical!