How Can Your Business Benefit from Commercial Lighting Design?

Commercial lighting design has more of an impact on your business than you may know. Would you want to go into a restaurant that’s practically in the dark, or go into a hardware store whose sign has been flickering on and off for the past few months? The way your business is lit plays a major role in how people perceive your business. Read our industrial lighting tips to find out how to utilize lighting in a way that is both functional and appealing for your business.

What are your lighting goals?

When starting a commercial lighting project, your first thought should be “what am I trying to accomplish with this design?” Making a change in the lighting for your business can be useful for a variety of reasons: reducing overhead costs with high electricity bills, eliminating your carbon footprint and being more eco-friendly, or modernizing your lighting sources. Knowing your goals before entering the project ensures that the project can be done swiftly and that you get exactly what you want.

Once you’ve picked a goal, check that the lighting you want is matching the aesthetic of your business. For example, an intimate, romantic restaurant would not be brightly lit, nor would a dentist’s office be dark and off putting. Consider your customer base, what kind of lighting would they need to get the most out of your business?

Last, you want to consider safety. While your business doesn’t necessarily need to be as bright as an airport, there does need to be enough light to keep the place safe. Shadows created by areas that are not lit can be dangerous, as burglars can hide out there unseen. Make sure the lighting you choose would work with any security cameras or other equipment.

Types of lighting

There are various kinds of lighting that may benefit your business in different ways. The American Lighting Association notes that there are three main types of lighting:

  • Ambient lighting
  • Task lighting
  • Accent lighting

Ambient lighting, also referred to as general lighting, is intended to provide overall illumination to a room or area. This can be accomplished through different kinds of light sources, from chandeliers, ceiling fixtures, or lights mounted in the room. Think about which of these fixtures would best fit your commercial lighting needs. For a bank or church, installing a few chandeliers may be the perfect solution to your ambient lighting, while a restaurant may want something simpler with a dimming option.

Task lighting helps complete any specific task, like reading or seeing where something is located. Task lighting can be utilized through track lighting or any portable lamps that can be moved to where light is needed. Adding task lighting would be a good choice for a doctor’s office or a mechanic shop, where there would need to be a lot of light on a person or object.

Accent lighting provides a way to bring attention to a visual element in the room, whether it’s a painting or a wall texture. Accent lighting is typically used via wall-mounted picture lights or other forms of track lighting. This kind of lighting would be a benefit to any company with standout visual elements or interesting architecture. You can be sure that the fine attention to detail will be caught by the average eye with this lighting style.

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