H​ire Commercial Electrical Contractors to Repair Your Neon Business Sign

One of the most valuable pieces of advertisement for a business is their business sign. Whether it’s a marquee of neon lights or a more modern and subtle approach to displaying your business name, there is no denying that an outdoor business sign can make a big impact. If you’ve yet to invest in a lighted sign, it’s a good idea to consider the possibilities with experienced commercial electrical contractors in your area.

In Business, Signage Color Matters

Study after study has concluded that the colors of the lighted signs have a profound psychological effect on consumers when used in advertising materials. This is why just because your business logo is a particular color, it may not be the very best choice when designing your lighted sign. Whether you are choosing just to use your business’ name in spelled out letters, or if you are considering having a large lighted sign that offers more information about what your business offers, choosing the correct color combination can make a large difference in how much attention your sign attracts when driving by.

Sign Installation

Lighted Business Signs and Neon Sign Repair

When it comes to designing a lighted sign, the bigger the sign is, the better the visibility it will have. However, on any budget, properly lighting the sign is going to make the difference as to if your sign is still working for you when your business is closed. It’s so important that deciding to use the right sign repair company is going to make the difference in how intense your sign light appears. This is where a commercial electrical contractor can help you make the best decision for you and your business. When you need a lighted sign installed, you want to make sure you are calling and speaking to experienced professionals.

Other Outdoor Lighting Options to Consider

To stay ahead of your competition, be sure that the lighted sign you design out shines their signage. This becomes even more essential if your nearest competitor is in a more accessible location than your business. One additional thing to consider when it comes to lighting for your business is how well your parking lot area is lit. Do your female customers feel safe at night going from your store to their cars? Studies have shown that Walmart parking lots where lights had been burned out suffered from more muggings and customer attacks than those with completely operational parking lot lighting.

So don’t leave the lighting for your business left to chance. Go with the professional electrical contractors that have the most experienced lighted sign installation crews. We have all the necessary equipment, including bucket trucks, which will enable us to install or service your sign regardless of how tall it is. With Complete Electrical, you can be sure that you are putting the leader of sign services, sign installation, and sign products to work for you.

Bucket Truck

Call Complete Electrical for Your Maintenance and Repair Needs

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