Electrical Safety Tips for Kids

You’re proud of your child’s natural curiosity, but it can be nerve-wracking – especially when hazards like electrical outlets and gadgets are around every corner.

May is National Electrical Safety Month, which means this is the perfect time to assess your child’s risk for electrical injury. We’ve compiled a few key electrical safety tips for kids to make that process even easier.

Shock-Proof Your Home

Although electric shock can happen to kids of any age, it’s especially important to take precautions when you have an infant or curious toddler around.

  • Place protective covers like these on all electrical outlets.
  • Keep cords out of the way, especially in spaces accessible to little ones.
  • Make sure cords are functioning properly to avoid fires or electrical shock.
  • Keep all electrical appliances on tall surfaces and out of the reach of kids.
  • Consider using residual current devices, or RCDs, which prevent cases of potentially fatal electric shock. RCDs work by monitoring electric currents, which allows the devices to switch power off immediately if the currents flow in an unexpected path – like through a human who has touched a bare wire.

Teach Kids the Basics

It’s important to teach kids basic electrical safety tips from a young age. However, it can be tough to demonstrate the danger of electricity. After all, kids can’t see electrical currents the way they can see other hazards like fire. For that reason, hands-on lessons can be extremely helpful.

  • For younger kids, demonstrate static electricity by having them rub their sock-clad feet across the carpet. Have them hold their hand above their head so they can experience how the electricity makes their hair stand up.
  • Take older kids to a science museum for a hands-on lesson. Hands-on electricity displays like this one can be a great way to help kids understand the basics of electricity.

Set Ground Rules

Once kids understand the basics of electricity, make sure to set ground rules that will help kids stay safe at home and beyond.

  • Make sure kids stay away from all electrical hazards like outlets, taking special care to avoid placing sharp objects like cutlery in sockets.
  • Point out power lines in your area, and make sure kids know to never climb trees or playground equipment near the lines.
  • Teach little ones to avoid touching electrical appliances like toasters without parental supervision.
  • Make sure kids know to keep electrical appliances far away from damp surfaces.

As a parent, you’ll do anything to keep your family safe. That means taking extra care to make your home a safe environment for curious little ones.

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