Parking Lot Lighting Design: Details and Decisions

I think we’re all a little bit scared of the dark. It’s sensible. Smart, really. Because of course it’s not just the lack of light that frightens us— it’s what might be hiding within it! Parking lot lighting design is essential to both reassuring customers in Springfield, MO that the lot is safe and acting as a deterrent, dissuading criminals from choosing the lot as a place to prey upon innocent drivers. Whether you’re evaluating the success of your current lighting layout or trying to plan a new parking lot lighting design, you should consider the following details.

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​The Advantages of Parking Lot Lighting

parking lot lighting

Imagine walking out of a store or your workplace late at night. The parking lot lighting is dim, scattered, completely inadequateyou doubt more than 5% of the pavement is lit. And to make matters worse, you’ve forgotten where you parked your car. Imagine you’re a young person on the wrong side of town, desperately wishing you weren’t alone. You or someone you love unable to see, defend oneself or feel safe.

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