Dimmer Switches: They’re Not Just for Setting the Mood

Dimmer Switch

Lights are an important item in your home. Making sure that every room has appropriate lighting can be a daunting task! Some homeowners are choosing dimmer switches for flexibility and benefits. What is a dimmer switch? How do dimmer switches work? What are the benefits for your home? Below we have provided a list of benefits. Continue reading

Types Of Heating Systems – Electric & Gas Furnaces

gas or electric water heater

When it comes time to replace a home heating system, many homeowners wonder whether an electric furnace or a gas furnace is the better option. Furnaces come in both electric and natural gas fired options, and other options for electrical heating as well. This comparison of the benefits of each type of heating system will help guide homeowners in making an informed decision that suits needs for comfort, energy efficiency, and the family budget.  Continue reading

Air Conditioning & Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficient Air Conditioning

We are entering the “dog days” of summer here in southwest Missouri. Those of us who live here know that means hot, humid and sticky air as soon as you open your front door. Most of us take refuge inside a cool refreshing environment with air conditioning. In order to optimize your air conditioner’s efficiency, let’s discuss some things you can do to help out.

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What Are Fluorescent Light Bulbs?

Fluorescent LightingThere are many complicated explanations about fluorescent lighting on the web. You would have to be fluent in chemistry, electricity and physics in order to understand some of these definitions. Let’s try to explain things in simple terms by focusing on the question: What are fluorescent light bulbs?

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