How Can Ceiling Fans Benefit Your Home or Business?

In many homes and business, ceiling fans are a staple accessory. However, there are probably benefits of your ceiling fan that you hadn’t ever considered. Curious how ceiling fans can lower your energy bill and make your entire home or business cooler? We’ve compiled the top four hidden benefits of your ceiling fans that can add to your home or business.

#1. Lower your energy costs

Ceiling fans are an amazing addition if you want to lower your energy costs. The National Association of Homeowners noted that ceiling fans typically lower energy costs by around 30-40%. Ceiling fans that are Energy Star rated are even more efficient, with up to 60% energy savings . Even if the room temperature does not change at all, ceiling fans can make the room feel cooler by seven to eight degrees, saving you from having to turn down your thermostat. Ceiling fans complement your AC unit, and if your AC was to fail, ceiling fans can serve as a backup until your air conditioning can be repaired.

#2. Add style as well as function

Ceiling fans can add a stylish centerpiece to a room, making the room not only feel cooler but look better. There is a wide variety of styles of ceiling fans available, with styles ranging from period specific, modern, or traditional. Before you install your fan, consider whether it was made for indoor or outdoor use. It’s fine to use an outdoor ceiling fan indoors, but if you use a fan that was made for indoor-use outside, you’ll likely see water damage and a decrease in functionality.

#3. Brighten up the space

Get the most functionality out of your ceiling fan by using lighting to improve your space. If you want a more ambient light, dimmer switches work in conjunction with ceiling fans. If it’s a bright light you’re wanting, consider using LED light bulbs to both make your space brighter and lower your energy consumption. Especially if your ceiling fan is exceptionally high up and tougher to reach, an LED bulb would be a great choice since it requires no upkeep and last 25 times longer than traditional light bulbs.

#4. Versatility of use

A recent popular use for ceiling fans is in the bathroom and laundry room. While it may seem strange, ceiling fans are especially useful for rooms like the bathroom where showers and baths cause humid steam, and hair dryers and other appliances can create a lot of heat in a small space. Every space in the house can benefit from the use of a ceiling fan. Whether it’s keeping your kitchen cool while cooking or airing out the living room after a warm day, ceiling fans can improve the temperature of any room.

Ceiling fans can also be useful during the winter as well as the summer. During the summer, you need to ensure your ceiling fan is set to run counter clockwise, which circulates the cool air within the room. In the winter, set your fan to run clockwise, which will force the hot air from near the ceiling down closer to the floor. Be sure to leave your ceiling fan on a low setting during the winter to secure your heating benefits.  

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