10 Tips to Save Water at Home

A droplet of water hangs from the end of a faucet.

Whenever you are trying to cut costs, one of the first places you may look at is your utility bill. There are several ways to save on water consumption. On average, Americans use 80-100 gallons of water per day. This number may be staggering, but public use of water makes up only 12.1% of the 322 billion gallons of water used per day in the U.S. We use a lot of water. Using less water is better for your wallet and the environment. Continue reading

Outdoor Christmas Lighting Tips

Nothing says “’tis the season” like a shining display of lights on your home for the holidays. As the season is approaching, you may be ready to show off your spirit with your array of lights. However, there are a few things you need to consider before turning your house into a beacon of holiday cheer. Check out our list of tips below to make sure you keep things merry and bright with your outdoor lighting. Continue reading

Should You Install a Smart Home System?

Smart home systems are growing in popularity by the day. Every time you read or watch the news, tech giants like Amazon, Google or Apple find a new way to integrate electronics into your home. Virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri are becoming smarter and better at answering our questions, making them perfect companions for daily tasks around the house.

The question is: should you install a smart home system?

There are a lot of benefits to installing a smart home system, but there are issues to consider as well. Check out our list of pros and cons to see if a smart home system is right for you. Continue reading

What Questions Should I Ask My Electrician Before I Buy a House?

When you’re buying a new house, there are a lot of questions to ask before making a final decision. The electrical work is incredibly important and can make or break the living experience in your new home. It’s a good idea to request an inspection of the house before you close the deal to make sure there aren’t any outstanding electrical problems. Continue reading

Portable Generator Safety Tips

Power outages are a major inconvenience in a modern world that relies on electricity for basic daily needs. While blackouts that last for under an hour are an annoyance, blackouts that last for a day or more can cause huge problems. Maybe you have hundreds of dollars worth of perishable foods that are going to go bad, or you’re left to sweat it out at home with no air conditioning. Continue reading

How Do I Prepare For a Blackout?

Experiencing a power loss is no fun for anyone. After all, our world seemingly runs completely by electricity, so a power blackout can cause major inconvenience to your daily life and even present a danger to you or your home. When a blackout or power outage happens in your area, the last thing you want is to find yourself unprepared.  We’ve rounded up four simple tips to help you prepare for a blackout and to keep you, your family, and your home safe in a worst-case scenario. Continue reading

Avoiding Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Your Home

Carbon monoxide, also known as the “silent killer” is a colorless, odorless gas that can present a grave danger to the inhabitants of your home. This gas is often found in homes with gas appliances and heating systems. But if it’s colorless and odorless, how can you know when it’s causing a problem in your home? Keep reading to learn about how to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning in your home. Continue reading

Why Does My Circuit Breaker Keep Tripping?

We’ve all been there. The dishwasher’s running, someone is vacuuming, someone is playing a video game, then someone turns on the microwave, and “bam!”, lights off.  Your circuit breaker has tripped, and now you’ve got to fix it. Do you know where your breaker box is? How to determine the cause of your breaker tripping? How to get your power up and running again?

Circuit breakers commonly trip due to an overload of a circuit, or when it encounters a variety of electrical problems.

Keep reading to learn all about why your circuit breaker keeps tripping, and what that means for you. Continue reading

Five Easy Energy Efficiency Tips For Winter

During the winter, keeping your home cozy and warm can come at a premium price. Thankfully, there are several easy ways that you can up your energy efficiency this winter, by making easy and inexpensive changes. The hardest part is starting new habits and creating a consistent routine to see the changes you want. The following tips will help you keep the chill at bay, and result in lower electric bills and energy conservation. Continue reading