Should I Use CFL or LED Light Bulbs?

A person replaces an incandescent light bulb with an LED light bulb.

A lot of people don’t put much thought into the light bulbs they use to light their house. After all, all that matters is that the lights turn on when you flip the switch, right? Wrong. What if we told you that the type of light bulbs you use could affect your energy usage, utility bills, and even your mood? It’s true. Keep reading to learn if you should use CFL or LED light bulbs to brighten up your space.  Continue reading

Saving Electricity for Your Small Business

Two small business owners look at their bills and learn how to save on electric costs.

Do you know what the most unpredictable expense for small businesses is? Yep, energy costs. In fact, in a study conducted by ENERGYSTAR, they found that small businesses across the United States spend around $60 billion on energy costs combined. We’ve rounded up several easy ways to save on energy costs for your small business, so that you can invest more in your business and less in your utility bill. Keep reading to learn how to cut down the electric bill for your small business.  Continue reading

Prepare for Power Outages with a Home Generator

As we gear up for another storm season, you are probably thinking about how you can save your family the inconvenience of losing power. It is not uncommon for severe weather to knock out the power in some areas for several hours, or even several days or weeks, depending on where you live. If you are tired of relying on the main power grid to keep your house warm or cool and your food fresh, you may have thought about buying a generator. Before you buy a generator, consider what it will take to get it installed. Can you do it yourself or do you need an electrician?
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3 Reasons to Install Parking Garage & Security Lights

If you own a business, one of the first things your customers will see is your parking lot or parking garage. Have you taken a moment recently to check out what a customer sees when they first approach your business? Do not just examine the lot at noon, when it is bright and sunny. You need to visit your parking lot when it is dark, especially if your business is still open after the sun goes down. If you have discovered that your parking lot lighting or parking garage lighting is not adequate, give an electrical contractor a call to see what your options are. There are three main reasons you want to have a well-lit parking lot.

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H​ire an Electrician for Outdoor Projects

It’s time to start thinking about enjoying the outside of your home. If you’re ready to start making improvements to your outdoor living space the options are limitless. If you’ve been watching the home improvement shows on television you’ve likely seen several ideas for converting your backyard into a useful living space that your family can enjoy three seasons a year. There are even improvements that you can make outdoors that you can utilize 12 months a year simply by hiring an electrician to install outdoor lighting and even security lighting around your home.

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Energy Conservation Tips for Your Home (and Wallet)

One of the main jobs of skilled electricians is to take the time to listen to a customer’s needs.  One of the most common issues our customers face is, how to save electricity. We’re glad you asked! If you want to learn how to save money on your electricity bill, here are four of our best energy conservation and money-saving tips for your home electric bill.

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H​ire Commercial Electrical Contractors to Repair Your Neon Business Sign

One of the most valuable pieces of advertisement for a business is their business sign. Whether it’s a marquee of neon lights or a more modern and subtle approach to displaying your business name, there is no denying that an outdoor business sign can make a big impact. If you’ve yet to invest in a lighted sign, it’s a good idea to consider the possibilities with experienced commercial electrical contractors in your area.

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Installing a Ceiling Fan without an Electrician

The economy is not doing that well and it is causing many individuals to opt for do it yourself methods of repair and remodeling. The plus side is that repairs and remodeling also help save on efficiency costs. It is important to note that while much can be DIY, people should be careful. Some types of electric repair must be done by a licensed electrician. It is also a good idea to look up the city, county, and state laws and codes before beginning any project.

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Try these Electrical Solutions Before Calling an Electrician

Before starting any electrical work in your home/office, make sure to turn off the power to the part of the building you’ll be working in.

#1 Fix a Flickering Fluorescent Light

If you have flickering fluorescent light in your home or office, try this tip before calling an electrician. All you have to do is change the starter. The starter is located on the lamp frame. They are easy to install and remove – you just have to twist the starter in and out. The flickering could also be caused by a bad light bulb, but the starter is less expensive than changing the bulb. So, I would recommend starting with the starter and then going on to change the light bulb if the problem isn’t remedied. It won’t ever hurt to have a new starter on your fixture, and if the starter is the true problem you won’t have to fork over your money on an expensive light bulb.

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