​The Advantages of Parking Lot Lighting

parking lot lighting

Imagine walking out of a store or your workplace late at night. The parking lot lights are dim, scattered, completely inadequateyou doubt more than 5% of the pavement is lit. And to make matters worse, you’ve forgotten where you parked your car. Imagine you’re a young person on the wrong side of town, desperately wishing you weren’t alone. Imagine you or someone you love unable to see, defend oneself or feel safe.

These are very real scenarios of why parking lot lighting is so important. Not only does it help people assess their surroundings for potential threats, it gives them a sense of security. Parking lot lights and garage lights should be a standard for business owners. When you walk out of a store or your workplace, you want to feel safe as you walk to your car, not like you’ve just entered a scene from a horror movie. And dark, inadequate parking lot lighting doesn’t just scare the drivers of the parked cars, it also attracts criminals. You don’t want to risk your parking lot becoming a crooked scene, tainting your business’s reputation with unruliness.

parking lot lighting

Although a well-lit parking lot is essential for a good business, many companies neglect to think about their parking lot and garage lighting. But just like a clean, organized interior, the exterior of your building reflects the company and its values. You want customers, employees, and associates to view your building (and thus your company) as a warm, inviting place. When the parking lot is barely lit, it lowers the customers’ confidence in the business and lowers the number of customers visiting at night, which will impact your weekly sales.

Consider that just one incident of theft, harassment, or violence in your under-lit parking lot at night could lose you the trust of both customers and employees. Don’t risk it. Plus, if you use video surveillance (or you’re considering it), brighter lights will let your cameras capture a better picture, bettering your chances of finding the culprit.

So think of your business, of your bottom-line, your safety and security, your nightly sales, and most importantly—the people to which your business owes everything—your employees and customers. You want them to feel taken care of, not left out in the dark. Turn off the horror movie and let your parking lot lighting shine.

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