3 Reasons to Install Parking Garage & Security Lights

If you own a business, one of the first things your customers will see is your parking lot or parking garage. Have you taken a moment recently to check out what a customer sees when they first approach your business? Do not just examine the lot at noon, when it is bright and sunny. You need to visit your parking lot when it is dark, especially if your business is still open after the sun goes down. If you have discovered that your parking lot lighting or parking garage lighting is not adequate, give an electrical contractor a call to see what your options are. There are three main reasons you want to have a well-lit parking lot.


Parking Lot Lights

A poorly-lit lot looks unprofessional and uninviting. This is the first impression your business will make, and you want it to be a positive one. We understand the importance of “leaving the light on” for your customers and we want to help you look good. You want customers to feel like they are welcome, and proper LED parking lot lights are one way to do that. A local electrical contractor, like Complete Electrical, can evaluate your parking lot and help you determine what kind of lights would look best and give you the best bang for your buck.


This is a huge responsibility. Your customers are coming to your business to spend their hard-earned money. When they pull into your parking lot, you are essentially responsible for their safety. You do not want to make headline news because a customer fell in the dark and suffered some horrible injury. That is certainly not the kind of free press you want to court.

You also have the responsibility to protect your employees. If they are coming and going in the dark, you want to make sure that they have adequate security lights to see the way to their vehicles. You also have to consider the unpleasant folks in this world who skulk about under the cover of darkness. An experienced electrical contractor will know what type of lights will be required to satisfy any safety concerns.

Are You Open or Closed?

If your parking lot is dark, most customers will assume that you are closed. This obviously leads to lost revenue, and anybody in the business world knows that this is a major issue. If a customer has to question whether or not you are open, you know you have a problem. The parking lot should be bright during business hours and maintain enough light after the business has closed to provide security for your building, but not so bright as to give customers the impression that you are open. One of our electrical contractors can help you install a few lights that are programmed to stay on after hours for security purposes without sending the wrong message to customers.

If you need light pole repair or want to install new parking lot or parking garage lights, give Complete Electrical Solutions a call at 417-831-8039. We would love to come out and evaluate your lot and work up a quote for you.