3 Tips on How to Save Electricity (and the Bottom Line) at Work

We are constantly asked how homeowners can save money on their electric bill, and we do our best to provide answers that are guaranteed to reduce the bill by a few dollars here and there. However, homeowners are not the only ones who need to cut costs. Businesses often struggle with meeting bottom line as well.

It can be tough to shave costs in an office environment. It is not quite as easily controlled as a home may be. As a business owner, you are dealing with numerous employees who may not be all that concerned with energy efficiency or saving the company a few pennies by shutting off lights when not in use. Never fear, an electrician is here to help!

Check Out Your Equipment

It is not feasible to power a computer up and down on an as needed basis throughout the day, but there are other things you can do. Do you use every piece of equipment all day? If the large printer is only used once a week, power it down and turn it on the day you will be printing. When the business closes, power down the computers and turn off the monitors.

If your office has a break room with a refrigerator, ensure it is an energy efficient model. This can save you a lot of money on your electric bill. It may be beneficial to purchase a newer model marked with the Energy Star label. This is true of things like computers, printers and monitors as well.

Get a Lighting Remodel Installed by an Electrician

Lighting Remodel Installed by an Electrician

Is your office surrounded by windows? Shut off a light or two during business hours when you can rely on light from the sun. Install automatic light switches in the bathroom, conference room and other rooms that are not used all the time. An electrician can help with the install of these energy saving devices.

Use CFL bulbs in your lighting fixtures. If you are using the automatic light timers, check with the electrician to ensure the switches and CFL bulbs are compatible. Inquire about using LED lights as well. These last longer, which will reduce supply and maintenance cost. Plus, they are more energy efficient.

Regulate Heating and Cooling

This is a bit of a no-brainer. However, it is important you keep your office environment comfortable for your employees and customers. If you are an office that has a lot of windows, it is a good idea to utilize shades or window tinting to minimize the heat in the summer. Set the thermostat and lock it. It should be set for a comfortable temperature during operating hours. After-hours, there is no need to keep a room comfortably cool in the summer or toasty warm in the winter. Back off the Heating and air conditioning during the off hours.

While none of these things done alone will save you a ton of money, they do add up when combined. Every little bit counts. If you have any more questions or concerns about installing energy saving devices or how to save electricity at work, give Complete Electrical Solutions a call at 417-831-8039.